Selection Filter


To get selection, how to set selection filter, like as following ?

vcApp2.setProperty(“CurrentSelection”, “Feature”)

Dim Sel As vcCOM.IvcSelection
Sel = vcApp2.findSelection(“Feature”)


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IvcApplication.setProperty(“CurrentSelectionGroup”, <Types>)


  • DefaultGroup
  • NodeGroup
  • FeatureGroup
  • GeometryGroup
  • RslGroup


I’m confuse your idea. I’d like to do on the 64bit version.

IApplication of 64 bit version dose not have the method of ‘setProperty’. Could you please check it ?

Oh, misunderstood, because your snippet code is using IvcSelection.

I thought you’re trying to do this in current gen… :smiley:

I guess need to use ISelectionHandler.

Selection logic is slightly different.

Not sure how to do it.


I think there is no selection filter in next generation.

But it’s possible to do that.

When selecting feature type, click component filter button, force ISelectionManager unselect feature, select component.


Thanks, I think too. So I should enjoy to fiddle around with ISelectionHandler. : )

You can do something like this:

var app = IoC.Get<IApplication>();

Then, using the Selection Manager you can get what you want. For example, selected feature would be:

var feat = app.SelectionManager.GetSelected<IFeature>();

or selected component would be:

var comp = app.SelectionManager.GetSelected<ISimComponent>();

And there are more useful methods in ISelectionManager.