Select Hidden features

Finding hidden components in the Cell Graph on the Home context is easy as the icon shows which components are shown and which ones are hidden. But finding hidden features in the feature tree in the component graph is not that easy.
Here’s a simple addon that helps you to find those hidden features in the Component Graph on the modeling context.

Here’s a video how to use it:

Here’s the addon: (1.6 KB)

Download the zip file and extract it in the Documents\Visual Components<VERSION_NUMBER>\My Commands.
Launch the application. Now you can find the command in the context menu (right click menu) on the feature tree on the modeling context.

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Good job!
I have a new idea: I tried to change your script to automatically implement the OnDemandLoad = True of geometry elements, but there is something wrong with mine. In MachineA, it is ok, but in MachineB, it seems to be unable to find, including geometry elements in the links, (2.1 KB)
OnDemandLoad Geometry.vcmx (7.0 MB)

Can you help me?

Thank you very much!