Seeking urgent advice on acquiring a student software license for an essential final year engineeringproject.

I’m in a challenging situation regarding obtaining a student license for software that is vital to my final year capstone project in Electrical Engineering Technology. I am a student at a college institution in Quebec, Canada, and have applied for a student license three business days ago but haven’t yet received any confirmation or response.

The focus of my project is to design and simulate an automated water bottle-filling process, encompassing everything from raw material handling to packaging, storage, and shipping. This requires using Siemens PLCSIM Advanced, TIA Portal for programming the logic, robots, sensors, actuators… etc, and HMIs, and finally developing a remote supervisory SCADA system with Ignition software.

I am reaching out to this community for any advice, tips, or shared experiences on how to successfully secure a student license. The license, once granted, is valid for only 30 days, and considering my project deadline is in June, it’s crucial I receive it as soon as possible to complete my project and fulfill my graduation requirements.

Any guidance or assistance on how to navigate this process, expedite my application, or effectively communicate with the licensing authority would be incredibly valuable at this juncture.

Thank you all for your time and support. It means a lot during this critical stage of my academic path.