Saw Cutter Query


I have a question regarding the component Saw (Circular). After cutting a large blank into pieces (small block) why is the small block not stopping at the “FromConveyor” process node?


Saw_Cutter_query.vcmx (47.3 KB)

Because when saw cuts, it create new component, not PM product, that’s why only the last block(Original product from PM feeder) stops at the process node, you could try to use conveyor sensor to detect component, in process node, add WaitSignal statement, wait signal from conveyor sensor, then create new product, Assign product.Component.Length_X to 15.0, then transport out.

Thanks for your reply. But I didn’t get your suggestion completely because of my limited knowledge of process statements.

  1. Add BooleanSignal to Saw’s path
  2. Add WaitSignal statement, wait BooleanSignal of Saw’s Path until False
    (Saw is not connect to process node or conveyor, component will disappear automatically)
  3. Create new product
  4. Assign product.Component.Length_X = 150.0
  5. TransportOut


Saw_Cutter_query_v2.vcmx (335.5 KB)

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Thank you very much, appreciated!