S7 1500 OPC UA Issue


I’ve been working without any issue for a few weeks connecting VC with a virtual S7-1500 via OPC-UA but some days ago I started having a connection issue:

“An unexpected error occurred while reading node metadata attributes from the server.”

Since this happen I haven’t been able to add new variables and I can see the main structure of the OPC but not access to the variables.


With an external OPC client I can see those variables without any problem.

I’m using VC 4.3 Premium edition, I’ve tried with VC4.2 and the same issue is reported.

Any ideas?


Check %LOCALAPPDATA%\Visual Components\Visual Components Premium 4.3\Logs\log-file-VisualComponents.Engine.txt for more detailed error message (and contact VC support).

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Thanks @TSy, finally the problem was being caused by another application (VPN software) that was lagging the PLCSim Advanced communication.