RSlinx OPC

Has anyone here tried to connect a PLC to RS-Linx as their OPC UA connection? I am not really familiar with OPC servers but to my understanding I have the server up after linking the PLC . I tried using port 4840 in VC Connectivity. This does not work and I’m either using the wrong port ( as in I don’t know how to assign it to 4840 in RS-Linx if its not set to that by default, nor do I know how to see what port it is set to by default to make VC use it instead) Or I configured the OPC server incorrectly ( as in I think I have the server up but it might not actually be up). Sorry ahead of time for my lack of understanding of both of these software. Any advice would be appriciated

You can try using OPC Client software, or write a simple one trying to connect to that server of yours. Just to make sure that it is up