Routing rule of two ways crossing conveyor

Hi I am facing problem in routing rule for two ways crossing conveyor. From my understanding, capacity rule will continuously feed the conveyor until the maximum capacity of the straight conveyor and proceed to the next one. On the other hand, cyclic rule will follow the “Connection or Rule” set and it will stuck after the straight conveyor is fully occupied.

I would like to perform the action of the product is sorted out randomly to other conveyor but not one shot to the first conveyor. When the capacity of the conveyor is full, the product will be looping until there is a new capacity on the straight conveyor. Is there any combination of “capacity and cyclic rule” or other methods?

Thank you for your time!

You can create a hierarcy under routing rules. For example you can create a capacity rule inside of your cyclic rule, or if you want thing to happen randomly you can use percentage rule too.

I couldnt really understand how your flow is gonna be like. It would be better if you explain what you wanna do clearly.

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Hello. Your explanation enlighten me and solved my problem! Thank you so much!