Rotator conveyor

Hello everyone, I used the rotator conveyor to rotate the object by Z axis as the picture. But there is a distance among the boxes after passing the rotator conveyor. Hox can I fix it? Many thanks.

In RotateScript, comment out 31, 32, 33.

#servo.setJointTarget(0, comp.ConveyorLength/3 + rot_info[1])
#servo.setJointTarget(1, rot_info[2])
#servo.setJointTarget(2, rot_info[3])
servo.setJointTarget(3, rot_info[4])

Default adjust rotating point is at 1/3 conveyor length.
I assume you want 1/2 conveyor length.

  1. In TranslateX node, “Offset” field: Tz(ConveyorHeight).Tx(ConveyorLength/2)
  2. In root node features, “StartRotFrame” expression: Tx(ConveyorLength/2)
  3. ComponentPathSensor behavior, “Frame” field: Select Null then select StartRot

It should be work.