Rotate property can't be set

I set by “SetWPR”.It will be set when call but it will be reset to zero automatically after.


                            new Vector3(Convert.ToDouble(Rxyz[0]), Convert.ToDouble(Rxyz[1]), Convert.ToDouble(Rxyz[2])));


It will be reset immediately.



your parameters of SetWPR is a vcVector. The help says the parameters are reals.


_application.World.Components.Last().TransformationInWorld.SetWPR(float(Rxyz[0]), float(Rxyz[1]), float(Rxyz[2]));




                            Convert.ToSingle(Rxyz[0]), Convert.ToSingle(Rxyz[1]), Convert.ToSingle(Rxyz[2]));

SetWPR without three parameters, just one.

Matrix is a struct type, which means TransformationInWorld getter returns a copy of the transformation matrix. Therefore, you have to assign it back after modifying:

ISimComponent comp = _app.World.Components.First();
Matrix currentPosition = comp.TransformationInWorld;
currentPosition.SetWPR(new Vector3(10, 20, 40));
comp.TransformationInWorld = currentPosition;
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thx, it works!

However, I think using Extension Methods is better!