Rotate gripper and make part follow


I am an Visual components novice and have modelled a simple robot gripper using the tutorial. The gripper works and can grasp components. The problem is that i want the gripper to rotate around Y axis so i added i servo controller to that link and that also works. The problem is that the component that i have picked up does not follow the gripper when i rotate. How can i make the component follow the gripper when i rotate the gripper?

Any help would be appreciated.

I have attached an example project where the component stays in the air when i rotate the gripper.

testGripper.vcmx (134 KB)


Just attach the Tool to the gripper Link1

That will create ComponentContainer behavior under the Link once Grasping a component.

P.S Also check the MountFrame orientation in the gripper. Unmount the tool, zero out rotations in Parent coordinates and mount it back with PnP tool.

Thank you for both suggestions!

It now works as a charm!