Roll-type feature simulation or modelling


I am working on a process that includes a movement as seen in the picture: there is a slider that moves and pulls the plastic roll (green rectangle) to cover the product underneath. I want to ask if there are any ways to make this movement more realistic, regarding the shape of the plastic roll. It means how can I make a roll that can be pulled out flat to look like a sheet, rather than just a plain straight sheet in the beginning?
Thank you very much.

You could easily model a thin box component with varying length (like the boxes in eCat), but I think animating that would need to be done with scripting.
It might not need to be a separate component, but just a block feature in a separate node of the “pulling machine” that gets updated by script or even an expression calculation.

If you want to visualize how much is left on a roll, you would need to model those as basic cylinder features and write an expression which calculates the radius such that it decreases based on some parameter variable.

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Thank you very much for your advice. However, I still cannot visualize clearly how it should be done. From what I have read, I see so there should be two things modified with scripting, one is a box with various length that can appear to be a flat sheet and two is the roll part, which should be modeled to be smaller after use, right? Can you help show me some examples or guidance where in the Python script can I apply the modification of these features? Thank you very much.