Robot Transfer Controller Visibility

A somewhat silly issue, but…
I have a problem with my robot transfer controllers. Specifically, visibility. In the typical “snap to” attachment position, the controller often ends up buried in the floor under the robot. That’s fine for a simulation, but when I need to generate 2D CAD drawings it tends to generate awkward questions from customers.

The obvious answer is to simply turn off the controller’s visibility. But if I do that, the robot also vanishes. And most attempts to move or detach the controller from the robot just leads to the robot being moved as well – the controller appears to be the “parent” component of the pair.

And once I have everything set up to run properly, I obviously don’t want to detach or delete the controller if I can possibly avoid it.

I also tried reducing the height of the controller to 1mm… but that dragged the robot down 250mm into the floor.

So far, the one workaround I’ve found is to reduce the diameter of the controller to 0. Which works, but seems awfully kludgey. Is there a trick I’m missing?