Robot takes stack on conveyor problem


Robot takes stack on conveyor, but only the bottom one starts moving on conveyor. Tried with various Gravity direction values in Actions Configuration in the robot.

Video of the problem:

also picture if video does not play:


Is it possible for the whole stack move on conveyor?

Thanks in advance.
P.S. using VC 4.3

Try ticking the BundleReleased… setting in signal actions.

Nothing moves :smiley:

Released to world not conveyor. How can I change that?

When the robot bundles tires together those are bundled like this.


So setting the Gravity direction into 450 got the stack moving.

I don’t know how exactly the bundling works. You now need to play around with the gravity direction, make it bigger, and see if the stack is released to the conveyor.
Ideally, the stacked objects would already be bundled before the robot grasps them since such issues come from the multi grasping.

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Happy to hear you found a solution, even some seconds before I could write a reply :smiley:

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