Robot Speeds

Is there any way to globally change robot speeds with having to change every point or without using Python? Thanks!

There’s no way to do that without python. Here’s an add-on I made for this purpose sometime in the past. Unzip the package under "Visual Components\4.6\My Commands" folder. Add-on creates new button on program tab called “Set Robot Speeds”. Clicking the button opens action panel showing some settings on what you want to set:

You can set speeds on all robots or only selected. You can set PTP and/or LIN motion speeds and accelerations. Add-on just goes through all the matching statements in the programs and overrides speed property values. Note that you cannot undo the changes. Also the add-on is bit old so it doesn’t work for example for motions in switch-case statement as it doesn’t recognize switch-case which was added not too long ago. Also this add-on cannot be used as runtime tool for example to reduce speeds for collaborative mode. That would need a different approach with python process handlers.

SetRobotSpeeds add-on (1.4 KB)


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