Robot simulation with PM

I have made a PM flow here. but the robot doesnt perform the task in the way i want it to when it operates automatically. how can i program the robot manually under PM?
I have programmed it manually but cannot add it into the process flow

You can use “Run robot routine” statement in a PM process.
However, if the robot does transport of products you need to take that into account using “From component container” as Source in any TransportIn statements.

The robot transport controller might also have another way to customize how some particular transport is performed. I don’t know.

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thank you that works. but now once the product is place i am not able to close the door of the machine
here in press machine even after the product is transported in the process doesnt move to next step( the door doesnt close) why is that? i have already modelled the machine to close and open

For transporting items, use the Robot Motion - Record Routine / Execute routine options found in the Transport Link properties.
Check the Robot Transport Controller Manual page 17 for reference.

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