Robot shifts the points as it approaches the product location

Hey guys,
I’m trying to create a layout which has double gripper. Products are placed and fed in a pattern as an assembly.
Somehow first two cycles are offset (shifted as the robot approaches) from the product location. If i try to move those robot positions to correct points, this time remaining cycles are offset from the product location.

Here is a video:

I recorded the routines generated by the robot transport controller and modified it a bit. I have 4 routines for each machine.
I don’t understand how, but routines seem to be shifting the base since i pick and place from multiple locations.
Same thing probably happens when i try to pick and place to the machine, but i only have one product location.
Here are some images:

For some reason the video wasn’t uploaded

Captures.rar (13.9 MB)

Which version of VC are you using? I remember a similar issue in the past, but now in 4.6 and later versions, I think it is fixed.

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Hey Este,

VC 4.5 :frowning:

Can i manually edit the program to shift the base or something?