Robot Programming - Delay by variable

Hello there, we are simulating a robot spot welding process and we would need to have variable welding time. We have tried adding a variable to a delay function without success. How could we do it?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @ABarranco I had the exact same issue as most of our work is spot welding. I contacted the Visual components team and they confirmed this is not possible. the day statements in robot programs cannot take a variable.

I did find a work around though

basically create another routine inside the robot program and call it “spot” or whatever you like.

then every time you want to weld call that routine. exampe

PTP P1 ###
LIN P2 ###
Call spot

inside the spot routine you can put your delay

Delay 2 s

so now everytime you call spot it will delay 2s

when ever you change the value of the delay routine it will change everywhere you call it obviously

there is also an addon called easySpot that you could try

but is very buggy. however it can work well in some situations

Hi @CarlosPlazas,

I ended up doing it in a similar way, but finally I have decided to do the robot control via Roboguide (we have Fanuc robots) because Visual Components robot module is very limited.


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Your company reminds me of mine. we mostly do spotwelding with fanuc robots as well.
and yes you are right roboguide is alot more powerful for robot applications. plus you can then upload the full back up to the robots.
visual components is great for process validation though .