Robot program won't run - Home sequence???

This AM I tried to create a quick program in VC (as I have done many times before) for some robot palletizing. For some reason, after I create the moves in the Main program and then run it, it creates a new sequence called Home (that is blank). The robot doesn’t move.

I tried deleting Home and running again, and the same thing happens (no robot moves). So I then added a line of code to just run the Home sequence from Main. That didn’t work either.

Any clue what is happening? Why is this Home sequence being created?

I really like this program and at the same time I really hate it.


Is your robot connected to some Transport controller? Those usually disable the main robot program.
Check also the robot property Executor - IsEnabled. This needs to be On.

Yes, it was connected to a transport controller - I found that wasn’t needed based on the way I was programming it.

Thanks for the help!