Robot Program Post Processor (downloader)

Hey, I’m using VC 4.1 Professional to post-process a simple application with the UR10 robot and I’m getting some errors when I try to use the script in the official UR simulator.

First, I have a “Wait IN[2] == True” in my VC program, and the post processor is translating that as:

" while get_configurable_digital_in(2):
sleep 0.05

Which gives me an error, because in the URScript, the sleep function needs to be like “sleep(t)” and even if I manually correct that, the code executes and does not wait for a confirmation of “True” in that input.

I have also tried to change the robot to an ABB robot, then I post-processed it and used that program in the ABB simulator, it worked like a charm.

Could you help me understand why the post-processor is not waiting for the input to the UR robot?

Note: I’m using the UR 10, and the version of my offline simulator is the

Hi @ltbaum,

Thanks for the info. We will put that UR issue on our todo-list and fix it at some point. I can’t say right off the bat how UR implements that get_configurable_digital_in() method and why it doesn’t work as expected on your case. It might be also related to the simulator as they don’t always behave identically to the real controller.



I added post-processor for Doosan robots. PP is similar to the UR PP and it doesn’t create the actual robot program but a python based script that you can use in Doosan robots. Translator was made using Doosan Programming Guide as the only reference and it has not been verified with a real robot yet so any feedback is welcome.

There’s one setting in Doosan PP where you can choose if movel are using cartesian coordinates (XYZWPR) or joint values. PTP motions use joint values always.

Base frames are translated at the beginning as set_user_cart_coord calls. Tool frames are translated only as comments and user must match tools in the real robot manually! This is because reference guide showed no means of assigning TCP coordinates by scripting.


Hi,I have some problem

I tried rewrite your function

Do you have ZYZ to XYZ problem or your project are all ZYZ axis (By Euler)

I write this Post Processor fot Delta

I have multiple “path statements” in a program and they aren’t being exported with the normal PTP statements. I need these to be exported. How do I fix this? I need this for tomorrow.

Hi dave,

It’s true that Fanuc translator doesn’t support path as it is quite old add-on. We’ll try to update it to support path asap (within few weeks).


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Looks like the KUKA translator for this is not update to date with later Kuka versions (e.g. 8.5.8). Problems related to syntax issues.

Is an update on the way for this? Or is there a small fix that can solve this issue?


Hi jordan,


We’ll have to check the Kuka translator and its compatibility with latest KSS versions. You can try current translator with these settings:

Without spline motions and folds you get the most basic KRL out of the translator and maybe it will still work with the latest KSS versions.



We added Epson and Mitsubishi translators to the package. Epson was tested on RC+ 7 simulator. Be sure to check ReadMe.txt on how to work around a missing checksum in the produced point file.

Mitsubishi translator produces MELFA V code but hasn’t been validated. Feedback is welcomed.



I have installed the post processor to visual components and works perfectly fine.

How do i use the created files in the Kuka sunrise workbench software as i have to synchronize it to the robot controller??

Thanks in advance.


Kuka post-processor produces only KRL which is used for programming industrial robots. As far as I understand Sunrise is used for collaborative robots and they are not yet supported by the post-processor add-on.



Is it possible to post the Sequences in separate files?
If not, will it be possible in an upcoming update?(eg. Sequence name = File name)
What determines, for which Robot manufacturer You create a post-processor?

Thanks in advance.

Hi ,


Any plan for adding KAWASAKI to the downloader (Postprocessor) ?


Different post-processors handle sequences a bit differently. Some will create routines into a single job file and others create separate files for each job. The style depends on what the author of that particular post-processor has felt to be the most suitable for the target platform. Which brand are you referring to @Pet?

Add-on tries to find the robot brand from robot models’s properties or its controller name. If it doesn’t find a match (e.g. VC Generic Robot) user can choose which brand is used.

Kawasaki is on our to-do list. There’s no date set for when it’ll be released but hopefully within few months time.


Hi @Keke,

We used the KUKA post-processor. When we run the Add-On, it creates an .src with “DEF Sequence()…END” blocks. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if these where saved in separate .src files, we could upload them one-by-one to the KUKA Robot Controller.

In my other question I was asking what type/brand of robot post-processor are on the to-do list, and what can I do, if I like to have one in particular?

Thank you for your help,

Hi @Pet,

You are correct that with Kuka DEF…END blocks could be distributed into separate .src (and .dat) files. Kuka PP was made by me so if/when I revisit that PP I could try to make it a settings to be able to process program into several .src files. Currently you need to to some manual work with a text editor to separate sequences.

Right now we have only Kawasaki on the to-do list I think. You can request any brands here and we try to do them if they get enough requests through this channel and others.


Hi @all,
is anyone aware of any post processor for the cobots Omron/Techman? I am using the TM12 model and would be really useful for me.
Thanks for the help!


In this example package there is no support for Omron/Techman. But I’ll keep that in mind when we plan to write new translators.


Kawasaki added to package in original post.


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