Robot picks and place.

Hi, I´m new here so please forgive me if I write confusing text.

My problem here is that I cant get Robot pick up a block from conveyor and place it on the box, what´s on other conveyor.

And when the box is ready (filled with 4 blocks) the box should be feed to robot. The robot pick the box and place it on the conveyor #3.

I made a python script based on the tutorial video, but didn´t get it work.

robot-pick-up.vcmx (324 KB)

Are you trying to do what is shown in the attached layout?

In your layout:

  • The robot is not connected to the Works Robot Controller. Use the PnP command to connect the robot to the controller.
  • What tutorial are you referring to and where is the Python script in your layout?
  • You posted under Layout Configuration, but are asking a Python API question.
I can help, but are you trying to do everything with Works library or with Python API?

In the attached layout, I modified your layout.

  • Added Works Process to transport in Block and feed them.
  • Added Works Process to transport in PlasticBox. Next, request a Need for 4 Blocks. After four Blocks are placed, they are merged/attached to PlasticBox. Finally, PlasticBox is feed.
In the layout, I modifed the NeedPattern to Start and End at 1, and then teached the location of the Block of where I need the first one placed. I left you a little easter egg though. The height of the Block in the box needs to be fixed, i.e. raised up so the Block sits on PlasticBox geometry.

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Layout-Fill-Crate-wi-Boxes-and-Feed-Crate.vcmx (422 KB)