Robot movement

i?m doing a robot program with a AUBO i3 and I teach it a specific trajectory. I’m succeed to stay in the reachability envelope of the robot and I’ve tried to give it a trajectory that could follow quite easily. However, the problem is that when I try to pass it from two points that are very close to each other and seemingly easy to reach, it does a 360 rotation around its own axis, thus wasting a lot of time. Someone has a solution to this issue? I’ve left the model in order to be more clear (the problem appear for example when it try to enter in the Rotational Ispection 1 sequence statement)
Thanks in advance
Prova.vcmx (110.7 KB)


Increment Joint Value:

see this in your changed layout
Prova_new.vcmx (264.2 KB)

this is explained on academy in the following tutorial " Basics of Robotics" last chapter “Robot Joint Turns”:

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Perfect, thanks for your help.