Robot misses one of the part while grasping

Hello guys,

I am facing an issue while progrmming the robot to grasp/pick 3 components together as shown in the screenshot below
PP sc grasp error 3
As u can see in the picture above there are 3 parts 2 black plates and one white block
The problem is the robot only picks top plate and the white block but misses the bottom plate as shown in screenshot below

How the robot is picking the components is shown in the screenshot below
PP sc grasp error 1

Anyone know how to solve this issue please let me know

Thank you

Generally if you want separate components to move together, you should attach the components to each other and then just have the robot grab the parent / root component where all the others are attached.

@TSy, Thank you

One more question
I want to assemble components in the box and after that i want to move the box on the conveyor how do i do that

please the screenshot below, it shows red color box which is stopped there usin conveyor sensor (on sensor action - stop part ) please refer second screenshot attached for sensor properties

How do i move the box on the conveyor after the robot completes assembling the components in the box

please refer below screenshot for signals