Robot Gripper Location

Hey there,

i’ve got a problem with my robot in pm. In the process, i am cutting large metal round bars into pieces and want to process them in a spinning machine afterwards. The problem is the way the robot takes the cutted piece to put it in the machine. Is there a way to alter the way the robot grabs the piece in pm? I tried to do it with different position frames but nothing seems to work.

You can set the pick approach direction from the transport link properties.

More info about the robot transport controller can be found from the manual in the Academy:

Hey Cedrik,

In addition to Este, I recommend putting your origin at the base of the product, z axis pointing upwards (align product’s z axis to world z axis.).
This way, as default, gripper will grasp the product from the circular profile of the cylinder.
This would save the extra work required for editing each transport link.

Thank you very much, that solved the problem!