Robot does not pick the item from the batcher conveyor

I was practicing the multigrasp simulation watching the video from visual components resourses
i am following the same exact steps as in the video but after the batch (3 cylinder items) have arrived and ready to be picked by the robot the robot does nothing.
following is the screenshot of my code
As seen in the code whatever command i write after the second wait (50) command it is not getting executed but if i delete this wait command robot does follows the pick command but as there is no wait command it does no wait for the item to arrive on the pick location. basically the program stops the execution when it ecounters the wait(50) signal command.
Can please someone help me with this

You don’t have any move commands for robot :thinking:

i have deleted it in this screenshot but you can see that green dot is freezed on wait command itself it does not allow any other command to be executed after wait, as seen in the picture there is halt command but still the simulation keeps running because the green dot is not moving from the wait command
also it shows following error “no conveyor connected downstream!” what does this mean ?

You’re not giving a lot to work with :thinking:

It’s waiting for IN[50] to turn True.

@Unnahi please go through the below screenshots for reference and let me know if you find any error
In the screenshots it is clear what signal actions and ports i have used also my signal connections.
you can see in the code after the wait(50) 3rd command i have command to pick the item but every time i run the simulation stops at exactly 3rd line. please help

Okay :thinking: Is the feeder connected to the conveyor properly?

Can you share your layout?

Check that the batcher conveyor task is set to signal to robot.

… and set property BatchSize value to 1

@Este Thank you very much. Yep that was the problem :sweat_smile:
Have a great day!

@Este, i am facing another problem as can be seen in the screenshot below after the robot places the 3 cylinder components on the plates and when the plates move, the cylinders doesn’t move with the plate, its like the cylinders are not attached to the plate ? please help.

this academy video can help, change the GravityDirection value:

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