Robot destoys physics

Hello, it’s me again :slight_smile: Try to explore physics now.

I think the robot doesn’t mean to :slight_smile:
But somehow after I pick up a part with a robot, physics stop working. So, the cone doesn’t fall into a box for the second time. Could anyone please tell - why? What should be fixed?

I also have a conveyor there that doesn’t move another part for some reason, wanted to make a conveyor with physics like in the video.
Would be grateful to know what is the problem here. But you can disregard that, mostly curious about the cone :slight_smile:

physic.vcmx (1.54 MB)


To get the cone to be in physics, you need to set that the robot does release it to physics:
Go to “Home” tab, and select the robot in the 3D world, in the property window you can select the “SignalAction” tab, there you need to set that the robot should release to physics, see pic.



did you already find the eCat-Component “Conveyor (Physics)”?



Thank you, that helped! Exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile: