Robot control in PM

I seem to be having some problems with my Cartesian robot. It’s hard to express, but I tried to make it clear. It has four Axis (Joint), one each in the x and z directions, and two in the y direction (one for moving the gripper system as a whole in the y direction, and one for moving the gripper itself in the y direction, which could be interpreted as having another gripper system on the y Joint that can move in the y direction). When I use PM, the robot will only use the y-axis of the gripper system for motion, which makes it out of the range of motion of the axes, how should I adjust it. I want both y-Joint to be used when moving. Can I only record the path and adjust it manually? I know this is a strange and complicated question, but I hope someone can help me. Thanks!

Maybe you need to implement custom Python kinematics for your robot and decide in that logic how the robot axes move to reach a given target position. That should then work for all robot use in VC.

If there is no general logic how the 2 redundant axis should be used, then you will of course need to program it manually every time.

Maybe a hacky approach would be to model one of your Y axes as a separate linear axis, like a floor track for a robot. I think the PM robot transport controller has support for automatically using those.

Thank you! May I ask if you have a tutorial on custom Python kinematics, I couldn’t seem to find this in the search. Is it different from a normal python script, I see that some people also use python scripts directly to control their robots.