Robot Calibration add-on

Calibration is important when doing offline programming for robots. Standard tools in VC allow you to input tool and base frame values numerically and this enables you to sync real robot frames to simulation model. This Robot Calibration add-on adds few helper tools for cell calibration. Add-on has tools for part calibration and tool calibration.

Part calibration positions a simulation component based on measurements. You need two sets of measurement points, one from the real robot and another from the simulation robot. These sets are then compared and selected component is shifted based on the offset between point sets. LSQ fit is used to calculate the offset. There’s also a tool to import real robot points using a CSV file. Alternatively you could use robot uploader to upload positions if uploader add-on is available for that robot brand.

Tool calibration allows you to set position and orientation for a tool frame based on measurements. This is useful tool in cases where tool calibration is not available on the real robot and thus tool frame cannot be synchronized from real robot to simulation model. Instead tool frame is calibrated on the simulation model and then it could be synced from simulation to real robot.

There’s a video tutorial for both part and tool calibration. Links to add-on itself and tutorials are below.

Add-on: (6.0 KB)

Video tutorials:


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