Robot Axis movements

I have a robot that palletize products on a pallet, And keep doing this for time. The first round goes fine without any errors. On the second round, Axis 6 of the robot reaches the maximum limit range, although it have not for the same position in the first round.
When I press the arrow next to the axis range as shown in the image,T-1 changes to T0 and the process goes on perfectly for two more rounds
-Does anyone undesrtand why does this happen?
-And how to solve it ?


Thanks in advance.

Seems to me that your robot axis 6 does over 1 full rotation in the negative direction and doesn’t return to the normal range at the end of your cycle. You selecting the value in UI probably just resets the “turns” to 0.

You’ll need to adjust the robot program to avoid winding the axis, which probably means rotating “the long way around” at some point to “reset” the axis.

@TSy But it doesn’t always do that, multiple cycles of the task is performed before this happens.
And after that, it goes back to normal.
Any advice on how to fix it?