RFID reader and writer

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I’m working with Visual Components Professional 4.0.3. I looked through the help and the various tutorial videos, but I cant find anything that nearly looks like a RFID writer/reader.
Does anyone of u have ever created something that works like a RFID writer/reader?

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Well, I haven’t modeled a RFID writer/reader yet, but I don’t think that it’s too hard depending on how to store the data you would like to write/read.

I would use a raycast and if it get’s triggered I would forward the component signal of the raycast to a python script. I would implement the OnSignal method which would be called if a component enters the raycast. Then I would test if the component is a RFID transponder, therefore you should add a property for example to the components which are transponders. If the detected component is a RFID transponder you could then perform reading or writing something to a note for example.

I hope that helps!

Hey felix,

that sounds like a good idea, thank you. Until now I have just worked with the path and volume sensor, but i will give it a try. In my opinion the difficulty is in the configuration of the python script of the different components.
The components will be released from a feeder and run on a conveyor line. The components will then pass a sensor (which should be a RFID writer) and get different numbers which in return will be linked to different actions (defined in the PLC application). The components will then pass a RFID reader just before a conveyor divert. Depending on which number the RFID reads out the component it will be guided to the defined direction.
I will work on that and give u a feedback.

Thank you for your support!

I think CrossingConveyor can do a very good job for simulating RFID reader.

CrossingConveyor.vcmx (801 KB)

You have the option of using a RayCast Sensor with a path behavior. In that case, make sure the emission point is offset or not touching a surface, e.g. the reference frame is not on the same plane as geometry. That could accidentally trigger sensor in some cases.

You also have the option of modeling a component that can function as an RFID reader or writer. For example, you could write a simple script that uses rayCast method in vcApplication to emit several rays or a radius detection method, which I do not recall if it is vcApplication or vcMatrix.

Oh, well if I knew that it is on a path I would have probably suggested something like those solutions:

The probably easiest solution would be to use a “Works Process v3” component for the writer because you wouldn’t need to model anything except defining properties in the feeded components. But those could be directly created with the component itself if you use the “Advanced Feeder” for example. For the reader you could just set up Routing Rules in the divert conveyor.

Another possbility for the writer is like zesty said to use a RayCast with a path behaviour. Therefore you could just use the a “Conveyor Sensor”, “Sensor Conveyor” or “Sensor Conveyor Template” component and change that the way described above.

Hey guys,

many thanks for the different proposals. I realized it the way felix mentioned in his first variant. I configured the Sensor Conveyor and changed the OnSignal method.

Even if this solution works pretty well for me now, Visual Components should be however have stuff like this integrated. Just managing this with a RoutingRule like the CrossingConveyor does will work, but is in my opinion not close enough to the real machine behaviour.