reverse the conveyor transporting direction !


could you please help me through this process
i want to let the conveyor to reverse it’s direction and transport the pallet back to the beginning of the conveyo
i mean whenever the pallet reach to the end of conveyor it should wait a minutes then go back again

thanks alot

Are you still using a bidirectional conveyor? Most of the conveyors in the web eCat are one-directional.

i am using a normal conveyor and i need a way to make it able to work in both directions !!

Unfortunately the normal conveyor doesn’t support both directions.

The conveyor requires a reworking in the Modeling context. The OneWayPath behaviour has to be replaced by a TwoWayPath behaviour and you will need a Python logic or another instance that is switching the direction of the TwoWayPath.

thanks Ralle for your support

i want to ask if there is an existing conveyor two direction , i couldn’t find in the eCat

i posted a photo to make the problem more clear
one more thing , can i make the two box pallet pass together to the crossing conveyor then move together to the next conveyor,?? now there are transfering one by one !

then i need these two box pallet to moved back a gain after the robot do its job

thanks alooot

any suggestion please

try crossing conveyor, left-right direction

I have the same question. Anyone knows how to make this?