Reverse Conveyor


As you can see from the picture, there are 6 cells which is connected with conveyors.
All of 6 cells operate same process. So a part moves into one of cells.

The process is as below;

  1. One part moves to the cell
  2. Implement operation in the cell
  3. Move back to the main conveyor
  4. Move out

I’ve try to attach Two Way Conveyor and Inline Process.
And I’ve changed the end frame position of Inline Process to the start frame.
But the PNP connection is not working for the end frame.
So the parts disappear while turning back to the Tow Way Conveyor.

Is there a good method?
Please help me.

How about?
Routes.vcmx (157.4 KB)

Hello Juhahai,

Thank you for your feedback.
I’ve played your file.
But unfortunately, the part passes the process and then disappeared.

My visual components version is 4.2.
This version can be a cause of this motion?

No idea, I used 4.5

I didn’t click Include Components when saving.

Routes.vcmx (527.8 KB)

Hello Juhahai,

Unfortunately, sending signal is not working.

Build the same logic w/o process modeling to your layout.

Hello, Juhahai,

I installed v4.5. And it is solved.
I really appreciate for you kind interest and explanation.

Thank you.