Revealing our Latest Product: Visual Components Robotics OLP

One software. All processes. All brands. Now and in the future.

Today, we are happy to announce that Visual Components has successfully transitioned to a new, more powerful solution for both manufacturing simulation and robot offline programming. With the introduction of Visual Components Robotics OLP – based on the Delfoi Robotics OLP technology – we bring both offerings under one unified product portfolio and brand.

Learn more about our latest offering in our introductory blog: Introducing Visual Components Robotics OLP - Visual Components

Engage with our social media and check out our launch video on LinkedIn: Introducing Visual Components Robotics OLP - Visual Components

Check out our latest product page: Visual Components Robotics OLP - Visual Components

Join us on our World Tour and learn more about what our latest product can do for you: New Robotics OLP Software Global Launch Tour - Visual Components

Installers for the new products and Visual Components 4.8 can be found on our website’s Downloads page. Please note that current Visual Components 4.6 and 4.7 users will need a new product key and valid maintenance contract* to upgrade to 4.8. Submit your upgrade request here.

Don’t have an active maintenance contract? Contact your account manager or request to speak with a sales representative to learn how to upgrade to Visual Components 4.8.

*Important: In addition to having an active maintenance contract, if you wish to access the OLP tools in Visual Components 4.8, get in contact with us to learn more about how to get started.


Are there release notes available for the VC 4.8 products?

You can find the release notes for 4.8 here:

And VC Robotics OLP here: