I am trying to use the destacker where it infeed and outfeed in the same side but with (Z)offset of 6 in, how ever I need to turn 180 degrees at a point but the part is also turning 180 degrees i tried turning off retain offset on the path but still the part is turning.


Thanks for your help

Hi titu,

You need to separate the frame used in the pnp interface from the ones used in the out path. This is because the frame used in the interface has to point to the direction of the connection/flow (X-positive). To prevent the product from rotating keep the frame orientation the same in the Path(s), just re-position.

Check the attached layout for rough example.

Retain offset is applied when a product is entering a Path and if its disabled the product will be oriented and located (snapped) to the start frame defined in the Path.

SameSideDestacker_example.vcmx (475 KB)

Perfect!! thanks a lot. this is exactly what I was looking for.