Restoring BackUp


My simulation struggles recentlly so I think I made a mistake and I want to restore back up files which are saved inside the same folder as the simulation.

But I coudn’t fine a way to restore it . Any ideas? there is no discussion about it.
I try to open it with the software , doesn’t work , cell is empty


rename “.bkx” to “.vcmx”!



I didn’t think about that. I thought it was an option inside.

thank you captain !

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You should not have to rename backup files. You should be able to drag and drop/open them like any other vcmx file. If that is not working, it is a bug.

Hey ,
That was my first guess , When I draged and droped to open the file. The software launch as usual but the simulation is completely empty with no error message or something, just like a new project.
Might be a bug but rename the file as .vcmx works finee.

What Zesty means is

  1. Open a New Project
  2. Then drag and drop your .bk file in to the 3D World.