Resource Reservation on Machines

How do I use Resource Reservation with automated machines? I have tried to make the worker’s reservation for the machine (such as a Parametric Lathe) at whole “Custom Machine Process Time” according to the instructions in the video “Resource Reservation”. I have not been successful with these instructions.

Hi @KimmoKe

What type of resources are you using to transport parts to the machines?
I made a quick example with human resources.
Reserve_Example.vcmx (3.2 MB)

The operator on the left side is not reserved, and he can work on other tasks while the machines are running.
The operator on the right is revered to the machines, and thus waits at the machine until released.

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Thanks Este!

The magic that made this work → the SendSignal command must be before the TransportIn command!
I didn’t realize to try this first!

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