Resource Approaches


I am currently working on a vc project where multiple resources need to pick and place products and assemblies from one process node. The problem is that multiple resources need to approach the product from different directions, which does not work for me yet. Is it possible to let resources approach from different position with different view angles? I understood the resource approach and offset feature but i would need a feature to customize the rz vector of the approach for realism purposes.

Resource 1 needs to approach from the left and Resource 2 needs to approach from the front. How can I change the angle of the woman in green to gain more realism?

Hi @Cedrik,

You could create new frames on the process node for different resources to approach the process node at different positions.


Alright, how do i connect different resources to that specific frame?

You could set the specific frame from ResourcePositionFrame in the TransportIn/TransportOut process statement.

That solved my main problem. What about multiple Resources approaching the same FromConveyor Node, how would you handle that? Is it possible to have multiple approach angles at the same Process Node and the same Process step? Thank you for your help, i appreciate it a lot!

You could try to use multiple StartTransportIn process statements to instruct different resources to transfer product to the process node at the same time. Do remember to put a WaitTransport statement after all StartTransportIn/StartTransportOut statements.

You might also need to configure each StartTransportIn statement properly with the ResourcePositionFrame and AccptedProductTypes to make it work.

Thank you for your help, that works fine!