Reserve human resource to complete multiple tasks at one location

Hi all, I’ve been struggling with this issue for a while -

I have 2 locations where a single operator has to perform multiple tasks. Both these locations generate products with a different delay. My goal is to have the human stay at one location and complete all the processes related to that location 1st - i.e moving 4 totes onto the pallet before he moves to the 2nd location

But whats happening right now is - the operator does some process related to one of the process nodes on location one and then moves to location 2 to work on a process node there.

I tried using the Reserve & Release Resource signal on the human transport controller but could not get it to function per my needs - the operator still flip flops between the 2 locations

Layout attached to this post

Any support/advice on this would be highly appreciated!

Operator Resource_Test2.vcmx (525.0 KB)