Request for improved forum functions


maybe you could implement some more functions into the forum:

  • edit / delete posts

  • private messaging


Thanks for the suggestions! I just noticed this post while navigating the Forums.

The edit post function is there, but you can only edit the post in the next 10 minutes after you have posted the comment. This can be extended of course. Do you have any idea about what would be a good time limit?

Delete a post is out of the question, it should be done only by Moderators.

Private messaging is not allowed as we do not want any spammer to be messaging anyone in the forum directly, sorry.


edit time: unlimited, otherwise it’s not possible to summarize the solutions in the first post by the “thread-owner” - it would like to do that for my threads because it’s always a mess to read a complete thread of try&error experiences.

delete posts: maybe for 10min if no one has already answered, i already started thread in the wrong subforum or recognized my own error in the moment i was pushing the submit button -> would be good to correct that

thanks maik



Is it possible to add a function that can see last 24 or 48 hours post and replies?


If there is a new post, need to view all boards to check if there is new post. … there is no information about new post.


And also, although there is recent replies information in the right hand side, but if the unread replies is more than 6, the 6th recent replies won’t appear.