Replacing oneway with 2way path

Hi. i have a layout with alot of 2 way conveyors.

I need to change the input/output of the path, to be both input and output.
i can find the in/out put thinghys as connections under the path, but i cant change it, as the connections are read only.
does anyone know how to change these values ?

IFlowBehavior has property Connectors which gives you ISimConnector objects.
Each ISimConnector has a property ConnectorType Type { get; set; }

I don’t get what you mean with read-only in this case.

One way and two-way paths are different behaviors, so you would need to delete the one-way path and then create a new two-way path.

There are also some limitations that you might not be allowed to change certain things when any interfaces of a component are connected, so you would need to disconnect, modify, and the reconnect.

The object looks like this.
2WayConnector->Connections (As readonlylist) ->[Input as ISimConnector ,Output as ISimConnector ]
So while both in/output does have get;set, but they are placed in a readonlylist. This makes changing them impossible.
I was looking for a method or something, to change them, but no luck so far

I think you have misunderstood ISimConnector to be the actual connection, it is just a “connection port” which you can connect to some other ISimConnector using the ISimConnector.Connect(…) method.

hmm. perhaps.
i have tried to highlight the parameter im actually trying to change :slight_smile:

And then why simply setting the ISimConnector ConnectorType Type { get; set; } property value doesn’t work for you?

Read-only list only means that the list itself is immutable, not that the objects in the list are immutable.