Replacement of an object in machine

Hello, I’ve found tutorial about replacing object in machines, what should simulate process, for example in lathe. But this tutorial only says about Python script and it is only mentioned that there are a lot more ways.
Could you please tell me, how can I do this? I tried just copying script, but it does not help, and I hope there is some easier way to do this simple operation of changing one object for another.
I would like to do process like - metal cylinder → Lathe Comp 2 → Lathe Comp 3 in 2 machines one after another.


if you work in PM, you could use ChangeType Statement in your machine routine, see this tutorial on academy (chapter 10. Add change type Statement):


The eCatalog also provides a ready-made layout where you can inspect the ChangeType statement
Check the “Machine Tending” layout.