Rename component property with refactoring of the component


enclosed you will find the ChangePropertyName command that updates the name of a component property used in expressions and other attributes in the component. The command bases on the command of version 2014 with some update for version 4.0.

The command is located in the context menu of the 3D scene or in the modeling tab ribbon group Tools.

br/Ralle (1.93 KB)


I wanted to know if it was possible to remove the interface that is created for adding the new property and just so by clicking on the button (in the toolbar) to create not the new property for a single component but for all components as soon as 0 or more components are selected.
Thanks for your help.

I managed to remove all the interface behind creating the new property.
However, I currently don’t see how to directly create the new property for all components as soon as 0 component or more are selected.

Edit 2:
I managed to make it so that when selecting 1 or more components it creates the property.
However, is it possible to save it on each component to avoid having to recreate it each time or simply to include this program in the codes of Visual Components to ensure that each time the program is started the property is created?

If you are using your own custom components, you can save these components with the new property and you don’t need to make it again.
For public eCatalog components, you cannot save changes globally. Instead, you need to make a local copy of the public component and then save that. However, this could lead to some maintenance problems further down the line.

I see and understand what you mean.
Thank you for your help.