Removing and Mounting of tool while not programming robot to pick & place


I have created a line design where the robot is picking and placing parts from tray and back into a new tray.
This is done automatically by RobotController without manual programming.

I already watched the tutorial for tool changeover (mounting & dismounting) but I want to combine this manual program of tool-change to take place in between automatic sequence of Pick & place.

Eg :- A new tray arrived at pick-up location → Robot calls tool change program (which is done according to tutorial) → proceeds with pick and place of parts with another tool.

If you have quick tips or any other approach will be great !

Thanks in advance.

Check the example layout Ball Bearing Production in eCatalog. A palletizing robot, Yaskawa HC20DT, uses two tools and always changes the tool based on what part needs to be picked.


As far as I see the robot is using vcHelperJointMove / vcHelperLinearMove programs to even change the tool.
layout also uses older version contorller (works-library) to control the robot.

Therefore, not able to get much information how the robot is able to do the tool changeover.

Could you guide me in another way or tell me how I could extract the tool changeover info from this ?

Thanks in advance.