Remove empty components

Is there an easy way or an AddOn who can remove all empty components, I mean all components with triangle count equal to 0?

I don’t think there is any ready addon for that. I wanted to test how this would go.
Add a python script to some component and paste this in the script. It should delete all components that have 0 triangles.

from vcScript import *

def give_geo_count(c):
  nodes = [c]
  data_count = 0
  while nodes:
    node = nodes.pop(0)
    own_kids = [x for x in node.Children if x.Component == c]
    nodes.extend( own_kids )
    data_count += sum(x.PolygonCount for x in node.Geometry.GeometrySets if x.Type == VC_TRIANGLESET)
  return data_count

app = getApplication()
comps = app.Components
for c in comps:
  if give_geo_count(c) == 0:
    print "Deleted", c.Name

Please make a backup of your layout in case the script deletes too much since I didn’t test this :smiley:

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Thanks a lot, I tested it but it seems to be not working…
I ran the Python script but nothing happens.
Perhaps I do not run the simulation as I should…
I created a Python Script inside my component and start the simulation but nothing…