Releasing grasped component to process node (Sink)

Hello there,

I want to release component a from my gripper to a sink. When using automatic Robot Motion it works just fine, but if I use my own Robot Program the Component is getting attached to the world no matter what coordinate point I set. The sink or rather this point in the World then is blocked I assume and no more products can be transported from my robot into this sink.

These are the messages in the Output window when grasped and released:
IRB 6700-150/3.20 HR1 : Action ‘Grasp’ executed (Ok. Grasped component: “block”)
IRB 6700-150/3.20 HR1 : Action ‘Release’ executed (Ok, Attached directly to world)

I am relatively new to Visual Components, can somebody help me here?

maybe you share your layout, otherwise the following video can help you: