Reducing assembly to a product

I have a working process that creates assemblies.
I want to model a palletizing process that:
a) pack my products to boxes (eg. 2x2 bundle)
b) packs boxes onto a pallet.

Is it possible to accomplish with pallet assembly?
VC does not seem to allow creating assemblies from other assemblies (making a box assembly out of my products is not possible - I can see the assembled product in the list but the dimensions do no update, and the assembly process (during simulation) does not work…
Are nested assemblies not allowed in VC? Is there any way to manage this problem (other than creating a separate model of my assembled product)?
Is it possible to “reduce” an assembly to a simple product keeping dimensions and shapes?

In the attached picture, the product was selected but the assembly slit dimensions did not update.

Radosław Cechowicz

Nested assemblies are supported. The Assembly Editor just doesn’t support visualization of the sub-assemblies.

During simulation each assembly is its own product just like a “part” product. Accessing parts from within sub-assemblies in processes is tricky, though.

I think there isn’t currently a way to “collapse” or “reduce” and assembly during simulation other than creating another product type and to represent the completed assembly, and then in a process deleting the true assembly and creating that simplified product in its place. This workaround is needed mostly because the Change Type statement doesn’t support assembly products.

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