Reduce the motion for the robot to pick up object

Hi all,

I have a issue with the robot movement when it is picking up part from the work process component to the machine. It appears that the robot swing 1 big anticlock wise motion (red line) rather than 1 small clockwise motion (green line) to do the loading.

How do I “tell” the robot to go for the shortest distance for loading?

fyp1.vcmx (991 KB)



Without opening the example layout, have You tested to rotate the robots pedestal 90 degrees counterclockwise? The wrong movement may occur because the robot may have limited arc on the back side (thus it can not move directly from conveyor to machine without breaking its first joint).

Hope this helps.

…as an additional comment. When using helper libraries (like Machine tending and Works), robot tries to use shortest path while moving from location to location. If You want to model robot movements accurately, You should use Teach tab.


After rotating the pedestal 90 degrees counterclockwise, it works as intended.

p.s I will consider to teach robot movement if needed. Thank you!