Reading Robot Joint Values from ABB RobotStudio via OPC UA

I know this is more of a RobotStudio question, but I thought someone here may have the answer.

I have RobotStudio, IoT Gateway (OPC server), and VC running.

Both RobotStudio and VC are successfully connected to the OPC server, but I don’t see any robot data in VC.

I know getting IO signals connected takes some additional setup, but I want to start with just seeing the joint values.

From an example online, this is what I expect to see:

But this is what I have:

My “DeviceSet” folder is empty.

Here is what my RobotStudio set up looks like: (I’m using two separate OPC servers to see if that’s the issue, but there’s no difference.)

Any thoughts on what I could be missing?

Are you referring to this article?

ABB made the decision to deprecate the OPC UA server, so time to say goodbye to that article

I did a quick test with IoT Gateway, and I can reproduce what you are experiencing both with GoFA and IRB 120, etc. I looked in the manuals, etc. and the topic on virtual commissioning in RobotStudio help might point to something where you have to have RAPID program that exports the needed robot variables. But… that doesn’t sound correct. I use free version of RobotStudio btw, so cannot edit station logic.

My advice would be to ask ABB for an answer unless someone here knows. Not sure if it is missing configuration steps and/or licensing requirement or (pure speculation and chaos) the virtual controller or server does not export IO and other variables if they are not being used in program, etc. which would be similar to how other OPC UA servers handle variables not used in programs.

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That is one of the articles I was using, but I saw that software was deprecated and was using IoT Gateway.

I think I may have solved the issue.

IoT Gateway has an entry for username and password. It’s empty by default, and I couldn’t find any settings in RS to see what it should be or any info on what the default is.

I tried admin admin,and that got me some more items,but nothing really.

I then downloaded the old IRC5 OPC server to check out, and their username and password was defaulted to
Default User and robotics

Still not sure where that came from or how I would change it, but now I seem to be getting a lot more items from the OPC server. I’ll keep digging to see if it has all I need.

Hello, a few days ago I have the same problem with you, I connected VC and Rs through OPCUA, but can not find the variable can connect, through your post, in the input user name and password can successfully connect. I can now control the robot in VC through the virtual controller in Rs, but can not perform the opposite operation, that is, use the robot program in VC to drive the robot in Rs, have you achieved this?

It was my understanding that this was not possible, although it wasn’t something I needed so I haven’t tried.

Unfortunately I have very little experience with the ABB software, so I’m not sure what would be need to be done in it.