Read and Import txt file and replace values

Hello, guys

I’m new to python and I’m trying to find a way to change the value of (DOF) A1 to A6 from a generated or handwritten TXT file.
Any suggestions on how to do that?
Those are the values I want to change:

 # DOF = Degree of freedom
comp.findNode("A1").Dof.VALUE = 150
comp.findNode("A2").Dof.VALUE = -100
comp.findNode("A3").Dof.VALUE = -50
comp.findNode("A4").Dof.VALUE = 88
comp.findNode("A5").Dof.VALUE = 121
comp.findNode("A6").Dof.VALUE = 55

Thanks in advance.

You need to write Link names like shown in the screen shot(Axis 1 ,Axis 2). Not the Joint names.
Other then that everything seems working.
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It works the way I’ve written it (it depends on what type of robot is used), but thanks. My question is, how to read from a TXT file and change those values?
For example:
I have a txt file with Axis1 = 90, Axis2 = 45, Axis3 = 55, Axis4 = 13, Axis5 = -90, Axis6 = -27 values
What do I need to add to my code so I can replace the values from the txt file with the existing ones in the script?

Thanks in advance,


how to write the values you’ve already discussed/find out.

You can import a textfile by programming python with something like this: