Reach Process Instance properties from dynamic component


I’m using a buffer statement in one of our processes and I want to check the product property of the last entered product to send a signal to the next process. I’m trying to simulate the “setup” time of the machine when a different product is going to be produced.

I supose I’m able to reach the last entered component via vcContainer.TailComponent but I’m not able of reaching the process instance property, in this case ProductID.

Thanks in advance.


The vcContainer.Tailcomponent returns a vcComponent object. You should be able to read any property from this object, including product type specific properties.

for example:

latest_comp = cont.TailComponent
print latest_comp.Name
latest_product = latest_comp.Product
latest_prod_type = latest_product.ProductType
my_prop = latest_prod_type.getProperty('MyPropName')
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Thanks Este, I didn’t find the “Product” method of the vcComponent object. Next time I will be read the documentation thoroughly.