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Hi all. so right now I have 3 process in 1 flow group . feeders → shelfs → process machine( 5 feeders and 5 shelfs ) what I want to do is let the human worker pick item from the feeders and randomly place then item into shelfs, then at the next process the human worker will randomly chose item from those shelf and put them into a process machine. any ideas ? Thank You

version of VC: 4.3 professional

Hi, you can set the BufferFeedMode and BufferNeedMode on chaotic…

Hi Tilma
Thank you for your reply. I did not find the process Buffer under the Process Executor, I only see buffer under it , but there is no option of buffer feed/need mode.
![Screenshot 2023-12-11 093223|690x460]

Some of the PM components in eCat have special Python-scripted “ProcessBuffer” statement which has more / different functionality than the built-in Buffer statement. Those statements can’t be easily used in other components.

what @Tilma and @TSy mean, use the warehouses from the pm warehousing category. In the statement there you can change modes like in the screenshot from @Tilma



thanks for the info, the closest one I can find under PM components was a warehouse shelf but it use the built in buffer , do you know where I can find it or is there scripts I can take a reference on to achieve a similar result ? thank you.

If you are using an older version of VC then you don’t have access to those components and probably the needed API functionality doesn’t exist either. You would need to either upgrade to newer version or find a different solution.

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Hi Tsy
Really appreciate your reply. do you know which version of VC will have the access to those components and API functionality?

Hi anhu
thank you for you reply. may I ask which version of VS you are using, I cant find those components under PM warehousing

Visual Components 4.8

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HI all, thanks for you guys help. I have ask my organization to get me new license, but it will take sometime.
in the meantime I also realized during simulation, the human worker will always choice the same shelf as destination, as the picture i attached below, the human worker will always go to the middle shelf for a while, is there any ways to make the human work random chose the shelfs instead just go to the middle shelf first? for example, 9 worker and 3 shelfs, 3 workers go to shelf1, 3 worker shelf2, 3 workers go to shelf3 , instead of 9 workers go to shelf1 then shelf2 then shelf3. thank you